Review: Kennedy in Denver


Title: Kennedy in Denver

Author: R. Colora

Genre: Romance

Heat-o-Meter: R

Rating: C+


Kennedy Brennan was just about to start her life after graduating from the Barton Music Conservatory, She and her 3 best friends decide to have one last night out before the graduation ceremony the next morning. Accepting drinks from a secret admirer brings her life to a screeching halt. After waking up from a coma and facing her attacker during a trial she changes her identity and starts a new life in Denver. Finding an old run down building across the street from her favorite bakery she plans to start a Music Conservatory of her own. The only thing standing in her way is Billionaire Real Estate Developer and One of America’s Most Eligible Bachelors Easton Kerrigan.

Kennedy and Easton’s Story is the beginning of a 6 book Series involving The Kerrigan Siblings and Friends.


This book is filled with really likable characters. I loved Easton and Kennedy’s families! Also, this book is like a drama and angst filled soap opera! I loved it! It certainly keeps you turning the page to find out what happens next!


The pacing of the book felt off to me. There were times things would happen so quickly and weren’t really described well. I found myself flipping back to see if I skipped something. Also, throughout the book Kennedy (and eventually some other characters) discuss having conversations and encounters with dead friends/loved ones. This might be really annoying/unrealistic to some readers since these conversations with the dead guide a lot of Kennedy’s actions. I, however, wasn’t really bothered by it but I wanted to mention it since some people will roll their eyes and find it very unrealistic.

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