Review: Life after Light


Title: Life After Light

Author: E.S. Maria

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Heat-O-Meter: 2.5


Hannah Mackenzie is perfection. She’s effortlessly beautiful, intelligent, and popular, and is about to head to the big city to pursue a law degree at one of Sydney’s best universities. Joining her is boyfriend Paul, aka Mr. Perfect.

Yes, Hannah has it all.

A perfect life. A perfect love.

She feels invincible.

That is, until one night, when she realises that she is not.

One by one, the perfect pieces of her life starts falling apart.

And she’s losing it all.

Her perfect life. Her perfect love.

Now all she has left is darkness.

And as if her life isn’t complicated enough, it turns for the worse upon the return of Atticus Foster. Hannah once saw past his fractured soul, and she gave him her heart three years ago, only to have it shattered when he suddenly left town without saying goodbye. Now he’s back, forcing her to question if the perfection she sought was just to guise the broken heart she could, yet wouldn’t mend.

This is Hannah Mackenzie’s story of great love, of heartbreak, of devastating loss, of forgiveness through acceptance. But most of all, this is Hannah’s realisation, that the only way to break through the darkness is to allow her heart to lead the way.


This book was just amazing. Its heartbreaking, heartwarming, and engaging. The story is told with lots of flashbacks and a few ‘skips’ forward which only gives the readers glimpses as events unfold. Hannah is dealing with a serious case of survivor’s guilt and she is sort of destroying her life. Her brother Brodie comes home to help her and so does Atticus. The history of Hannah and Atticus is given to us in bits and pieces as the story unfolds. I wanted to hate Atticus for what he did to Hannah, but, like Hannah, you can’t hate Atticus. And, like Hannah, you feel guilty for liking Atticus because Paul is perfect. This book brings forth so many emotions in the reader and its so well written.

If you want a great example of what the new adult genre should be, read this. If you want a great example of what contemporary romance should be, read this. If you want a great example of what a great book should be, read this. Its well written, evokes so much emotion, and feels very real. Its just beautiful.



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