Review: Blood Vengeance


Title: Blood Vengeance (Deathless Night #2)

Author: L.E. Wilson

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat-O-Meter: 3


Luukas Kreek is a Master Vampire – one of the most powerful of his time. He has survived for over 600 hundred years, through wars, uprisings, and rivals who’ve attempted to take what is his. The first of his kind that dared to cross an ocean, he even started his own colony in a brand new world, increasing his strength with every new vampire he’s created. Nothing can defeat him.

Until now…

Keira Moss has been secretly honing her magic her entire life in order to protect herself and her family from the corruption in their coven. Never would she have thought she could be forced to use her powers for anything other than the good of her family, until the one person she cares about most in the world is attacked and threatened.

One bound by chains and one bound by love, Luukas and Keira are forced into a nightmare, with no end in sight.

Survival is their choice. Love is their destiny.

My Dream Cast for this book…


L.E. Wilson has created a great world in this series. While the vampire/werewolf/supernatural trope has been very mainstream, she managed to keep her world fresh. As I said in my review for Blood Hunger, I am a sucker for the “soul mate” trope in books. Swoon! I love the idea of physically not being able to live without someone. I also love that they all try to fight it to some extent.

Luuk became one of my favorite characters. He is seriously damaged (mentally) after what he has been through. So, here is this big, bad, Master Vampire who is suddenly confused between reality and nightmares. He becomes a very real character which is difficult to do when the world is supernatural.

I still love the Scottish werewolves. I giggle every time they are in a scene. The author writes their accents very well!

One reason I love series is that I get to ‘check in’ with previous characters. I loved seeing Nik again in a different role-as his brother’s voice of reason. He was also very kind to Keira and their conversations were heartwarming.

I enjoyed the multiple POV’s. In the beginning you get a bit from Christian, Shea, and Dante as you learn their fate, and even Leeha’s POV is shared a few times. It makes the book move very quickly as you try to piece it all together.

This book’s timeline overlaps with Book 1 in an interesting way. All the action in this book takes place in the same time that the last few chapters of book 1 did. It adds to the multiple POV’s nicely and I was glad the author chose this as opposed to flashbacks or the characters trying to awkwardly tell us what happened previously.


Keira wasn’t my favorite character. I didn’t dislike her; I just didn’t love her as much as her sister, Emma. However, that is really my only dislike! I devoured this book in a day!


If you like…

The Sookie Stackhouse series, The Vampire Diaries, Twilight


Goodreads | Amazon (preorder)

Release date: June 16th

L.E. Wilson’s Webpage | Facebook | Twitter

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