Review: A Perfect Moment


Title: A Perfect Moment

Author: Becca Lee

Genre: New Adult Romance, Contemporary Romance


The book starts with the heroine, Ella, getting dumped at the alter. Then you jump to 5 years in the future when she is at her best friend’s wedding. The book jumps right into the romance between Ella and Preston because they have known each other all their lives. Preston has been in love with Ella for years and has just decided to do something about it. In typical overly analytical female fashion, Ella tries to sabotage the relationship on day 3 because she is so afraid of getting hurt. Will she be able to work through her trust issues? Will something else break their perfect moment?


This book is a pure and simple romance. There is no crazy abuse in the characters past, there is no crazy drama and frankly, I found that refreshing. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good, angsty book as much as the next girl, but its nice to have a sweet, simple romance to balance it out. Ella and Preston could be you. The drama that is created in the story revolves around their relationship and building trust. Its all very normal. While I did kind of guess the plot twist, it didn’t make it any less enjoyable. And, it was realistic enough to be believable which, again, is kind of a nice change of pace!

That being said, here is what I didn’t quite love:

1. Over use of the word arse. The author is from another country, so I tried to ignore the slang term but for some reason, that word just really annoyed me! (maybe I am just a snotty American?! Maybe its just like one of those random words that get under your skin like the word ‘moist’? Who knows!)

2. The book was a little slow paced. Again, this is a simple romance book. So, if you are used to reading the crazy, angsty books this book will seem slow to you. I enjoyed it for the most part really but I think some people might be bothered by the pacing.

If you liked…

Almost by Anne Eliot, Accidentally in Love by Laura Drewry, The Duet by R.S. Grey

My Rating:


4 stars!

The next book in the series comes out on May 4th! I will be checking it out for sure. I will post my review then!

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