What I’m reading now

Hello Disciples!

I had to go back to work this week after Spring Break, so my reading time had drastically reduced! But, alas, I have to pay the bills, so off to work I go (only 6 more weeks until summer vacation!).

This week I am reading Salvation and Secrets by L.A. Cotton. If you haven’t read her 1st book in the series, Loyalty and Lies, you should totally do that!! Here is the run down:

Ana is a girl running from her past. Jackson is a football player with a secret. They fall hard for each other but Jackson’s secret proves to be too much for them to endure.

This is a VERY short synopsis but it has several things I LOVE!

1. College setting (I have a serious love for the new adult genre lately)

2. The mob! (Again, I fully admit to my love of all books with mobsters!)

3. Dual POV (so you get to experience the story from Jackson and Ana’s points of view)

So, if you haven’t read it (and you enjoy new adult romance like me), pick up Loyalty and Lies first (you have to read them in order!).

Buy it on Amazon (its FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription or 99 cents without it! Its a steal!)

Mark it as TBR on goodreads

Book 2, Salvation and Secrets, comes out on Friday! I will have a review up as soon as I finish it!

Salvation and Secrets preorder on Amazon (its only 99 cents!!)

Salvation and Secrets on Goodreads

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