Review: Shadow of Doubt (SBG #2)


Title: Shadow of Doubt (SBG #2)

Author: P.A. DePaul

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Rating: 4/5 starts

eARC provided in exchange for an honest review

What its about:

The Sweetbriar group (SBG) is a black ops group that handles various jobs around the world. “Cappy” is the leader and was previous a green beret who rescued a college student, Michelle, from a Columbian drug lord. 6 years later she is accused of killing a senator’s son. Cappy has never forgot her and his promise to help her ‘no questions asked’. But, SBG works for the senator so clearing Michelle will be difficult.

What I loved:

This book is non stop. It moves at a quick pace and the story is seen through many different characters (including the villains). While this can sometimes be overwhelming (it is SO hard to try and keep up with all the people and their code names-sometimes they use their normal names, sometime the code names!) it kept the book moving at a good pace and keeps you guessing. The group is very “Fight club” like (the first rule of SBG is don’t talk about SBG) which I find interesting and this book uses those rules to create some tension for many of the characters.

What I didn’t love:

While this book COULD be a stand alone, I don’t recommend it. It took a while to figure all these people out and it would have been helpful if I had read the first one previously. Also, while sometimes having lots of characters is okay, sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming. Obviously, this book series is set up to give each member of the team their own book eventually, but at this early stage the series, it can be a bit overwhelming to keep them all straight. Perhaps it would have been better to focus on just a few and in the next book, add one more, and so on. But, what do I know? I’m no author!! (and let me say this didn’t make the book bad by any means-just kind of distracting!)


4 stars-I would certainly continue this series but I am not DYING to get the next one.

If you like…

JD Robb, Nancy Haviland, and Linda Howard

Mark it TBR on goodreads

Buy it on Amazon (Release date April 21st)

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