Review: Against the Tide

Against the Tide

Title: Against the Tide (The Brodies of Alaska, book 3)

Author: Kat Martin

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Rating: 4 Stars

Available May 26th! ARC provided in exchange for an honest review!

What its about:

A murder occurs in Valdez Alaska and Rafe wants to solve it. Olivia, the local cafe own steps in to help. In a small town, there aren’t many suspects, but there are tourists to consider as well. When a suspect is arrested, Raft and Olivia are sure he is innocent and continue to push even though there is almost no evidence from the murder.

What I loved:

The book is really well written. I enjoy Kat Martin’s writing style. I empathized with Olivia and wanted her to get her happily ever after. The book jumps right in with the action (both solving the murder and in the bedroom!). The book kept me guessing for a while and I have to say, my guess was wrong most of the time! Its difficult to find a book that keeps me guessing.

What I didn’t love:

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why Olivia felt that she should help find the murderer. I also struggled with why the police were okay with Rafe and Olivia investigating and questions witnesses. However, once I just sort of let that go, the book was good. I mean, I read paranormal books all the time and have to accept crazy things then too!


4/5 stars

If you like…

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