Review-Conflict of Interest


Title: Conflict of Interest

Author: Gillian Reese

Genre: Romance

Rating: 3 stars

What its about:

Avery is a  summer associate at a law firm while still going to law school. Her small firm merges with a much larger firm and she runs into a man from her past. Trent is a partner at the new firm and grew up in the same town as Avery. He was her brother’s best friend until her brother died in an accident that the family, including Avery, blames Trent for allowing to happen. Will Avery be able to push past her feelings of hurt to endure a summer working at a law firm that could make her career?

What I loved:

I don’t know that I loved anything. I liked Avery and Trent, but I didn’t love them. I liked Caitlyn too. If you like a simple romance story, that is a quick read, then this is for you.

What I didn’t love:

This book felt really rushed, yet oddly, it also felt like nothing happened. There wasn’t any real drama. Maybe I just have been reading too many romantic suspense books lately? Maybe I am just not impressed with an ‘average love story’? Whatever the reasons, this book just didn’t hook me.


3 stars because I didn’t hate it. I didn’t love it either though.

If you liked…

In His Shadow by Tiffany Snow, Broken by Kelly Elliott

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**eARC provided in exchange for an honest review**

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