Review-Accidentally in Love


Note: ARC received in exchange for an honest review

Title: Accidentally In Love

Author: Laura Drewry

Genre: Romance

Rating: 5 stars

What its about:

Ellie hates cops and she has managed to rack up so many points on her license that it gets revoked. The cop who has given her most of the tickets, Brett, is a friend of her friends and she calls him every name in the book and is fond of telling him what he can do with his badge. But, Ellie’s ex comes to town and she needs Brett’s help (even though she doesn’t trust the police).

What I loved:

This book is everything a contemporary romance should be! The characters were realistic-no instant love, no jumping right into bed with each other, etc. Brett is just a genuinely good person and Ellie’s frustration with the police is well founded. They both grow during the book and its believable. Also, the suspense is good without being unrealistic.

What I didn’t love:

There wasn’t much. I wish Brett hadn’t left for so long, but he came back so I guess its okay!

If you liked…

Fighting Temptation by KC Lynn, One for the Money by Janet Evanovich, Angels Fall by Nora Roberts

Rating: 5 Stars! Loved it and can’t wait to grab the other books in the series!

Mark it as TBR on goodreads

Preorder on Amazon (available June 16th, 2015)

Other books in the series:

Plain Jayne

Prima Donna

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