Review: Fighting for Flight

Cover for Fighting for Flight
Cover for Fighting for Flight

Title: Fighting for Flight

Author: JB Salsbury

Genre: New Adult (lots of cussing and a good deal of sex, so not appropriate for younger readers)

Rating: 4 stars

What its about:

Raven is the daughter of a prostitute and a pimp. Her father comes to her just before her 21st birthday and wants her to ‘join the family business’.  However, she is in love with UFL fighter Jonah. Jonah will do anything to save her and keep her out of a life she never wanted.

What I loved:

Jonah is probably the best written alpha male I have ever read in a New Adult book. He wasn’t just a caveman, beating his chest and going all “my woman this” and “my woman that”. JB Salsbury wrote a character with depth. While he does have his alpha male tendencies, he also has this other side-mature, sweet, and deeply compassionate. I was truly surprised by how much I liked this character as I often find the guys in New Adult to be a bit neanderthal.

I also liked Raven. She was very needy, but it wasn’t annoying like I have found other heroines to be. She is pretty broken (I mean, her mom is a whore who never gave Raven any love or attention and her dad is the biggest pimp in Vegas!) but she has managed to create a life for herself that doesn’t revolve around how broken she is.

What I didn’t love:

In typical New Adult fiction, Raven is a virgin and her and Jonah fall in love instantly. I am not in any way opposed to the ‘insta-love’ thing (I know it makes some people crazy, but I am not one of them!), but it starts to wear a little thin as a I read New Adult books. I am not opposed to the virginal heroine either-in fact, I usually find I like those characters better. But, this book sort of hits all the plot traps of New adult-instant love, virginal heroine, broken characters with horrible trauma in their pasts. I hope that authors can find a way to better develop New Adult books so they don’t all follow this same pattern.

If you liked…

The Hurricane by RJ Prescott, The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorenson, Protecting Summer by Susan Stoker

Rating: 4 Stars

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