Looking for Free Kindle reads?

Hey fellow disciples! If you haven’t already discovered these gems, I suggest you check them out!

Bookbub.com– Sign in and select your favorite genres, then they will send you a daily (or less frequently if you prefer) email with free and reduced price books in that genre! Its so easy!

ebookdaily.com-another site where you sign up with your email and they send daily emails with free books in your favorite genres.

freeebooksdaily.com-this site requires a little more leg work than the previous 2. You can sign up for daily emails, but if you want to sort books by your specific likes, you have to check the site. A sidebar on the left has a category search to help you narrow it down. However, kindle books change prices quickly sometimes, so you will want to check in several times a week to make sure you don’t miss anything!

Kindle Unlimited-so this is not free, its $9.99 a month, but I have found it to be VERY valuable! There are so many great books you can read with your subscription and I have been introduced to so many new, indie authors because of Kindle Unlimited. It is one of the best expenses I make each month!

So, check these out! Downioading free books have really helped me find some great new authors and get good deals on some authors I have always enjoyed.

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