Title: Semi-Charmed

Author: Isabel Jordan

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Rating: 5 stars

What its about:

Harper is a seer (someone who has visions of the future). She used to use her gift to help a vampire slayer save people from vampires. However, vampires are now legal citizens and can’t be killed. So, Harper is out of a job, but still has visions. She wants to be a PI, but needs a slayer to work with her to give her some credibility. She finds Noah Riddick and quickly gets herself into all kinds of trouble.

What I loved:

This book is funny! I love a book that makes me laugh out loud and there were times when this one did just that. I also felt that the characters were realistic, even though they had supernatural powers. This is not an easy feat for an author, but Isabel Jordan pulled it off. The story moves along at a great pace and things don’t always happen as you expect.

What I didn’t love:

Honestly, there wasn’t much about this book that I didn’t think was good. I think the door was left open for more books in a series (perhaps focusing on some of the other characters) so I hope to see those!

If you liked…

This book is great for fans of Sookie Stackhouse, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Twilight (these characters are not at all annoying like Bella Swan can be so don’t panic!)


5 Stars out of 5!

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