Welcome to The Book disciple

I have been tossing around the idea of a book blog for a while now. I love some of the blogs I follow and I love sharing what I am reading. So, I have decided to take the plunge. This blog will have books that run the gamut of genres-young adult, new adult, romance, paranormal, contemporary. However, it will not have anything from the erotica genre-that is just not for me! I found that many of the blogs I follow discuss some of these genres but not all of them; or, some of the blogs tend to review more of the erotica genre and I know I don’t want to read that. So, I am starting my blog to include all of my favorites. I hope that others find it interesting and discover some great books to read. I try to read indie authors, self published authors, and new authors as well as the more ‘main stream’ authors. I have found some amazing indie authors whose books are so wonderful I can’t believe a publisher hasn’t snagged them yet! Welcome to my world of books!

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